A business does not operate in isolation. It requires the support and engagement of the local community. We know that the communities where we work appreciate our involvement, both from employing people who live locally but in how we support charities, schools and local groups. Our support is sometimes financial but often it is through providing services and labour that can make a difference.


We have a number of apprentices and ex-apprentices in our business. We work closely with local schools and colleges to identify suitable opportunities and match talented apprentices with the roles that are available.

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We make regular contributions to local sports clubs to support their activities, largely focused on youth sport. We also have a longstanding relationship with Weston Hospice, the Rotary Club and the Lions. Our annual golf day raises money for a charity with the latest one being for the Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony.

Recently we have contributed to a local wellbeing garden and were involved in DIY SOS.

Involvement in local development

Towens also engages with other businesses and local politicians as part of groups looking to enhance the development of local areas.

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