Quality aggregate produced at our processing plant

Our road plannings are produced through the advanced process of removing the upper layer of tarmac with highly powerful cold milling machines. Road planings are an economic advantage which provides a tangible solution to balancing financial demands and environmental responsibility.

Road planning

Ideal for a range of different projects

Our road planings can be used for a range of different projects including farm tracks, car parking areas, footpaths, and in the construction of new roads. They offer a long-lasting and strong surface which can withstand heavy and constant use.

Why choose Towens recycled products?

  • We can deliver this product direct to your door with our 8-wheel tippers or skip lorries.
  • You can bring your vehicle to our site and collect it yourself either in a dumpy bag or on your own service vehicle.
  • We can supply material loose or bagged.

For more information contact tippers@towens.co.uk or call into our processing site in Westonzoyland, TA7 0JS.

Towens Tipper Lorry

FAQs about Towens Road Planings

We know you might have some queries, and we're here to address them. This FAQ guide unpacks essential aspects surrounding our road planing services.

What is road planing?

Road planing, also known as road scalping or tarmac planing, is a by-product of road resurfacing. It involves the removal of the tarmacs surface layer via a cold milling machine.

What applications can road planings be used for?

Road planings can be used in various contexts, including the construction of new roads, footpaths, farm tracks, and car parking areas.

How does Towens ensure the quality of road planings?

Towens focuses on delivering high-quality road planings using skilled professionals and advanced equipment. We adhere to strict quality control standards from site clearance to delivery.

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