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Our 2-4mm fill sand is a coarse sand made of semi larger particles between 2mm and 4mm. The 2-4mm fill sand is analysed for particle distribution size on a monthly basis, passing SHW: Series 500 (drainage) requirements.

An example of the grading analysis for 2-4mm Fill Sand is available here.

2-4mm fill sand

Perfect for a range of projects

Where appropriate our fill sand could be used for trench back filling or a bedding layer. The product complies with BS EN 13232- unbound and hydraulically bound materials for civil engineering works and road construction.

Why choose Towens recycled products?

  • We can deliver this product direct to your door with our 8-wheel tippers or skip lorries.
  • You can bring your vehicle to our site and collect it yourself either in a dumpy bag or on your own service vehicle.
  • We can supply material loose or bagged.

For more information contact tippers@towens.co.uk or call into our processing site in Westonzoyland, TA7 0JS.

Frequently Asked Questions - 2-4mm Fill Sand

Welcome to the FAQ section, where we address common queries about our 2-4mm fill sand at Towens. As a leading supplier of recycled and quarried aggregates in the South West of England, we take pride in providing top-notch products to our customers. Our fill sand (2-4mm) is produced at our processing plant. We have compiled these frequently asked questions to help you better understand the qualities and versatility of our 2-4mm fill sand, ensuring your construction endeavours are a resounding success.

Do Towens offer different gradings of sand?

Yes! Towens provide sands graded 0-4mm Grit Sand, 0-2mm Fine Sand and 2-4mm Fill Sand.

Are there quality checks in place to ensure the superiority of Towens' Fill Sand?

Absolutely! All batches of our fill sand undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring that we deliver only the finest product to our valued customers.

Do you deliver?

Of course! We can deliver this product direct to your door with our 8-wheel tippers or skip lorries. Alternatively, you can collect it!

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