Our newest RORO Truck has arrived

August 18, 2023|News

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Introducing Advanced RORO Truck: Fleet Expansion

At Towens, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our continually expanding fleet – a state-of-the-art lorry that marks a new era of efficiency and productivity for our operations. This remarkable vehicle introduces a groundbreaking feature that sets it apart from the rest: the ability to pull a trailer, enabling us to transport two RORO bins in a single trip. The process of loading and unloading these large rolling units onto the vessel is streamlined in all aspects and is quickly performed via the stern ramp.

The Towens RORO Volvo 460 Lorry in Striking Black and Yellow

Unveiling Versatility: Our Mid-Sized Hookloader Bodies

Our selection of mid-sized Hookloader bodies stands as a testament to our commitment to versatility and practicality. Designed to effortlessly manage a wide array of loads, these bodies offer an exceptional solution for handling diverse cargo types. With a meticulously engineered lightweight design and an impressively low hook height, Towens Hookloaders deliver unparalleled lifting performance and the convenience of a demounting functionality – a combination that results in a highly productive solution for RORO trucks.

Innovations for Optimal Performance

Our new RORO model boasts a host of innovative features that further elevate its performance and functionality. The inclusion of hydraulic cam container locking as a standard feature on our low-profile modular ‘Z’ frame body is a game-changer. This ingenious addition not only facilitates high tipping angles but also enhances container security, providing peace of mind for our clients. Furthermore, adhering to the highest industry standards, our RORO models are built to CHEM standards and hold CE certification, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

The Towens RORO Volvo 460 Lorry in Striking Black and Yellow

Unmatched Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency have always been at the core of our design philosophy, and our latest RORO model exemplifies this commitment. Equipped with a telescopic arm, mechanical hook security, twin lifting cylinders, and external hydraulic locking, our RORO vessels guarantee safe and secure operations. What’s more, the ability to operate these features from the vehicle cab ensures operator convenience and minimizes potential risks.

Seamless Integration: Hook N Go Hydraulic Sheeting System

To further enhance the utility and convenience of our RORO models, we have seamlessly integrated the Hook N Go width-adjustable hydraulic sheeting system. This advanced system complies with all the latest type approvals and legal width regulations, offering a streamlined solution for container covering. By diverting hydraulic flow from the hook loader to the sheeting system, operators can effortlessly power out the arms before use. This unique feature not only simplifies the loading process but also mitigates potential damage risks, as containers cannot be loaded unless the sheeting system arms are powered out.

The Towens RORO Volvo 460 Lorry in Striking Black and Yellow

Embracing Excellence: Reimagining Towing Capabilities

In conclusion, our latest RORO model embodies the spirit of innovation, efficiency, and safety that defines Towens Waste Management. With cutting-edge features, industry-leading certifications, and a commitment to client satisfaction, we are proud to introduce a game-changing addition to our fleet. As we continue to pioneer advancements in the towing and transportation sector, we remain dedicated to exceeding expectations and setting new industry standards.

For more information about our latest RORO model and the range of services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re excited to embark on this journey of enhanced capabilities and unparalleled efficiency.

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