Our Most Recent Recruit!

February 6, 2023|News

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Name: Steve Bennie
Start Date: 5th September 2022

Steve Bennie

What first attracted you to work for Towens?
I’ve been living around Weston for the last 10 years and seen all of the Towens lorries going around and thought it would be nice to have a job like to have a job like that. Luckily a position came up online and I applied for it. I then had my interview and went out on the road with a skip lorry to see what the job was like, I enjoyed what I saw, then I received contact from management offering me a job.

What do you enjoy most about working at Towens?
All the staff working at Towens are really friendly and helpful. The job is really easy-going and not stressful, even when it’s really busy.

What did you find most challenging during your first month on the skip lorry?
Learning how to use the controls on the skip lorry, as I had many things to learn. All the experienced skip drivers were able to provide me with lots of information (lots of tips and tricks).

Do you have a fun memory during your first few months at Towens you could share?
I lost my shoe in mud on a site once and had to try and retrieve it, and then on the same day I fell over as I was getting out the lorry into more mud on a different site!

If you could have a sit-down meal with 3 celebrities (dead or alive), who would you pick and why?

  1. Ryan Reynolds because he’d be a good laugh.
  2. Ozzy Osbourne because he’s a bit of a nutter.
  3. Lee Evans because he’s hilarious.