The Benefits of Using Quality Topsoil in Somerset

April 14, 2024|News

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As the world becomes more sustainable, steps are rightly being taken in all walks of life to become more ecological.

One way you can achieve this is by using Towens topsoil, either on your Somerset garden beds, plant pots, lawn, or anywhere with green growth in mind.

Several benefits come with topsoil, including improved nutrients, retained moisture, better drainage, and more.

What is topsoil?

Before diving into the benefits of topsoil, it’s important to understand what it is.

Topsoil is the topmost layer of soil, typically a few inches deep, that is dark and crumbly, with the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms.

Available recycled and in bags from Towens, it’s rich in moisture and thus is often used to help plants grow.

Recycled Screened Topsoil

What are the benefits of topsoil?

Provides nutrients

Topsoil is incredibly rich in minerals such as nitrogen (crucial for plant growth), potassium (helps with water regulation), and phosphorus (essential for root development).

These vital minerals, as well as decomposed organic matter, are in the soil directly for plant roots to absorb and use to thrive.

Topsoil is also teeming with beneficial bacteria and fungi, which work to break down organic matter from dead plants.

It’s almost a built-in fertiliser that nourishes your plants for you.

Retained moisture

The dark, crumbly organic matter in topsoil acts like a tiny sponge. These hold onto water molecules, which in turn create a reservoir within the soil for plants to access and absorb during dry periods – however rare they may be in the Somerset summertime.

Another way they manage to retain moisture is with various-sized spaces between soil particles. These spaces allow water to infiltrate the soil instead of running off the surface.

If you’re looking to retain as much moisture as possible, maybe for a lawn or garden bed, it’s advisable to add compost or composted manure, which can significantly improve moisture retention.

Impressive drainage

If you’re worried about overwatering plants, or that the Somerset rain will do that for you if they’re outside, the impressive drainage capabilities of topsoil will sort that for you.

Topsoil has a variety of particle sizes, from large sand grains to tiny clay particles. These varying sizes create space between the particles, often known as pores.

These large pores allow excess water to drain freely through the soil, which prevents root rot, a situation where roots suffocate due to a lack of oxygen.

Recycled Screened Topsoil

The benefits of Towens topsoil

By using Towens for your topsoil, you benefit from all the above benefits that come with the products, but with a few of our values too.


At Towens, we’re proud that our high quality top soil has been recycled from previously used topsoil.

Meticulously screened to remove contaminants and unwanted rubble, it is part of our values at Towens to deliver a product that is consistent in quality and sustainability.

Flexible delivery

You have the choice of collecting your topsoil from our site, or our delivery service can bring it to your home across the South West of England.

The vehicle used will either be an 8-wheel tipper or a skip lorry, and the material can be supplied either loose or bagged depending on your personal preference.

Towens Tipper Lorry


Our recycled green topsoil can proudly be used for a wide range of purposes. Whether it involves creating a new flowerbed, for a new plant, or lawn, our topsoil will be able to adapt to your unique environment.

You can send an initial enquiry for topsoil via our online contact form here.

About Towens

A family business for over 30 years, at Towens our values include recycling as much as possible, avoiding landfill, and providing personal levels of customer service.

As well as providing topsoil, we also offer waste management services, skip hire, machinery hire, and other aggregates and soils.

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