Towens of Weston Recycled Aggregates Plant: Thriving with HSBC UK

August 16, 2023|News

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Towens of Weston Recycled Aggregates Plant: Growing Success with HSBC UK

Here at Towens, we’re thrilled to share an exciting development that showcases our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. As a family-owned business with a 30-year track record in recycling, waste management, haulage, and environmental services, we’re proud to announce a groundbreaking venture that underscores our dedication to both our community and the planet. This project will allow us to expand our services and provide even more sustainable solutions to our Somerset customers and local contractors.

In a significant stride towards enhancing our recycling capabilities, Towens of Weston has invested £1.5 million with the support of HSBC UK. This investment broadens our range of recycled products and improves the availability of recycled sand and stone across Somerset.Overview of Towens new subsoil plant.

Unveiling the Recycled Aggregates Plant: A Catalyst for Sustainability and Change

With financial backing from HSBC UK, we have strategically invested in a state-of-the-art Recycled Aggregates Plant—an innovative plant that will shift how we perceive and utilize excess soil. Subsoil, the often-overlooked layer lying just beneath the surface, typically goes to waste. However, our newly established plant ingeniously addresses this issue.

Overseeing Towens now subsoil plant.

What is the Towens of Weston Plant?

The Towens of Weston Recycled Aggregates Plant is located in Westonzoyland and produces the following Products:

No. Product
1. 0-2mm Fine Sand
2. 2-4mm Fill Sand
3. 0-4mm Grit Sand
4. 4-10mm Single Size Clean
5. 10-20mm Single Size Clean
6. 20-40mm Single Size Clean
7. 0-20mm, 20mm to dust, reclaimed (Scalpings)
8. Recycled Type 1 (sub-base)
9. 6F5 Recycled
10. BS3882 Screened Topsoil
11. Screened Road Planings

Subsoil: Making sure waste isn’t wasted

Our cutting-edge plant efficiently separates excess subsoil and topsoil into valuable components—sand, stone, crushed hardcore, and topsoil—materials that find purpose in the bustling construction market. This transformative process not only reduces waste but also creates a sustainable source of construction materials, contributing to the circular economy and reducing the demand for virgin resources.

A Greener Future: Recycling, Reducing Waste, Tapping New Markets

The innovative Recycled Aggregates plant marks a pivotal juncture for our business. By harnessing the potential of subsoil, we’ve successfully tapped into a previously unexplored market while concurrently making strides in waste reduction. An impressive 92% of the waste processed through Towens of Weston’s facilities undergoes recycling, reuse, or recovery, leaving a mere 8% destined for landfill—an achievement we’re immensely proud of. Towens Group has been at the forefront of this innovation, and we’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Leadership Speaks: A Vision for Transformation in Somerset

John Telling, our executive chairman, captures our mission: “At present, subsoil removed from construction sites is mainly sent to disused quarries and ends up in a landfill. It struck us that our business could support the construction industry and create an additional revenue stream by recycling this material.”John Telling (Towens of Weston), Sarah Stuckey (HSBC), Liam Gover (HSBC)

HSBC UK: An Invaluable Partner

Our journey towards establishing the plant was made possible with the support of HSBC UK. Their Trade and Equipment Finance funding package played a pivotal role in facilitating the purchase and importation of the recycling plant. The collaborative spirit exhibited by the HSBC UK team was integral in propelling this initiative forward.

James Shepherd, the area director at HSBC UK, acknowledges Towen’s transformation: “Towens is a great example of a family-run business that has expanded over the years, starting out as a small skip-hire company and evolving into a multi-faceted waste management business. Our team saw an opportunity to find new, innovative ways to recycle construction and demolition waste and help reduce the need for virgin materials within the sector.”

Towens, A Record of Excellence: Over a Million Tonnes Handled Annually

At Towens, our customers range from small businesses to large corporations, and we take pride in our substantial impact on the environmental services business, waste management, and recycling. Handling over a million tonnes of waste and recycled aggregates annually, our commitment to sustainable practices is unwavering. With four recycling facilities and a diverse fleet of vehicles, we are equipped to efficiently transport and process soils, aggregates, and construction waste, with over 90% of materials recycled or reused in our depots.

Here at Towens of Weston-super-Mare, our journey towards creating the new recycled aggregates plant, with the invaluable assistance of HSBC UK, exemplifies our passion for innovation, sustainability, and fostering positive change, particularly in environmentally focused commercial development. This pioneering venture is a testament to our dedication as a family-owned business and our unwavering commitment to waste reduction, recycling, and serving our community. As Towens of Weston, we’re excited about the prospects of new business opportunities that lie ahead and the positive impact we will continue to make in the waste management and environmental services sector.

Towens new machinery.

Towens of Weston Subsoil Plant

For further information on how our pioneering efforts align with industry trends and environmental initiatives, feel free to explore our Recycling parent page

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