This is Gravity

December 13, 2022|

Gravity is creating an environmentally focused commercial development near Bridgwater and Towens has supported them in recycling precious metals and importing recycled soils and aggregates.

Gravity has been preparing its site near Bridgwater for development and as a part of that it extracted large quantities of underground cables. Gravity recognised that the treatment of the cable would produce both the potential opportunity for the recovery of precious metals in the cables but also a risk around the disposal of the hazardous elements.

Towens was able to develop a solution with Gravity that enabled the cables to be safely stripped on site, with local labour, using specialist equipment. The copper, lead and steel were separated and the hazardous tar paper isolated and disposed of. This approach maximised the quantity of metal recycled and met This is Gravity’s objective to make a difference socially, economically and environmentally