The Main Benefits of Skip Hire from Towens

February 29, 2024|News

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Towens Skip Hire Benefits: Why Choose Us?

Time is precious. When clearing out a garden, throwing out waste, renovating a home or business, or moving out completely, many will be desperate to complete the task in as little time as possible.

That’s why at Towens, we offer skip hire across Somerset. Saving time is one of the main benefits of skip-hire, but it isn’t the only one.

This blog will explore a few more of the perks that come with hiring a skip from Towens in detail…

What size skips do Towens have available?

One of the main benefits of hiring a skip from Towens is that you can select the right sized skip for you, meaning you won’t be paying for unwanted space, or sold short.

Our range varies in size from two to forty yards, with options to cover every space in between.

If you’re looking to visualise how these sizes look, we have a selection of images on our website here. If you’re unsure of what suits your needs best, our team of experts will be able to determine the type of skip you need.

A man in high-visibility orange workwear, including a jacket and pants, stands beside a large yellow skip with the text 'TOWENS' printed on it in black. The skip also displays contact numbers and mentions services such as crushing, screening, plant, and transport. The man appears cheerful and confident, leaning casually against the skip with one hand in his pocket, on what seems to be an industrial or construction site.

What materials do our skips dispose of?

If you’re aware of the material you’re looking to dispose of, we have the skip for you, with a few exceptions.

We offer options for general mixed waste, wood, or soil and stone. General mixed waste includes plastic, paper, sand, cardboard, metals, and more materials which can be checked here.

However, it’s worth noting that food waste, electrical appliances, tyres, asbestos, liquids, and batteries aren’t suitable for hired skips of any kind.

Can Towens ‘park’ my skip?

At Towens, we understand that one of the main concerns when hiring out a skip is simply where to put it.

If you want it placed outside your house or business and you’re situated on a public highway, you will need a permit.

However, this process is part of our offering, and we can get permits obtained in 3-5 days, with the cost often lying between £80 and £120.

2YD Skip

How quick is skip delivery?

When decluttering, it’s often the case that you don’t realise just the amount of waste materials you have until you’re midway through the job.

If during this reality check you realise things would be much more straightforward with a hired skip, we offer quick delivery and work hard to ideally deliver within 24 hours.

Why hire a skip in the first place?

As mentioned earlier, hiring a skip is a great way to save yourself some valuable time.

Shuttling back and forth to a skip site can be tiring, and use a significant amount of petrol, especially in a heavy car full of waste – particularly given the traffic and number of vehicles on the road in our local towns such as Weston, Bridgwater, and Taunton.

There’s no need to rush either, as at Towens our skips can be hired for two weeks – meaning you won’t need to spend every hour of your weekend attempting to finish the job.

Skip sizes

We’re secure and reliable

At Towens, it’s important to us that we prioritise the security and safety of your waste during transit and storage.

To achieve that, we offer both standard and enclosed skip options.

Our standard skips are perfect for general waste disposal, an additional layer of protection, preventing unauthorised access to your skip’s contents.

We make sure your waste isn’t wasted

Towens provides smart and sustainable recycling, with our objective being to recycle or reuse as much waste as possible, cutting down on trips to landfills.

At present, we have four recycling facilities across Somerset where we process soils, aggregates, and construction waste, and we successfully manage to recycle or reuse over 90% of the materials.

We are doing our bit to use less raw materials to help the UK economy function and grow.

Towens waste storage

We invest back in our local Somerset community

At Towens, we are proud to be a family-run business, with an emphasis on understanding local needs and having local people work within the company.

We make regular financial contributions to our local sports clubs to support their activities, with a large focus on youth sports.

We also work closely with Weston Hospital, the Rotary Club, and the Lions, as well as hosting annual golf days to raise funds for charities, with the latest being Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony. This is alongside a number of small projects to help make a difference.

Towens team

Find out more

Towens is based in Weston Super Mare but works across Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol, and the wider local community. We offer a variety of services including waste management, tipper hire, grabber hire, plant hire, demolition, and innovative technology to give customers the best experience at competitive rates.

Examples of our previous work are available to read on our site here. One of which, with long-term client Bristol Golf Club, saw us prepare and construct a concrete base and associated landscaping for new driving range bays, as well as improvements to golf course landscaping, car parks, and roadways.

Other examples include drainage work with Smith Brewer, and construction of car parking and the removal of obsolete equipment for Bristol Waste.

Want to learn more about our services? Our expert staff would love to hear from you by getting in touch here.

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What Are Your Questions About Skip Hire Services in Somerset?

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we address common queries about our skip-hire services in Somerset. At Towens, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch skip-hire solutions tailored to both domestic and commercial clients. Whether you’re dealing with construction waste or need efficient waste management, our team is here to assist you. Dive into these FAQs to understand more about our services, pricing, and waste management practices.

Question Answer
What areas do Towens’ skip hire services cover? Towens provides skip hire services primarily in the North Somerset, Somerset, and Bristol areas. Our fleet is ready to supply skips and containers within 24 hours of booking for both commercial and domestic customers.
What are the different types of waste handled by Towens? Towens handles a variety of waste, including commercial waste, construction waste, and general waste. Specific waste types like hardcore, soil, and plasterboard are recycled, whereas other wastes are sorted for recycling or energy production.
What skip sizes and formats are available? Towens offers a range of skip sizes and formats to suit different needs. Whether you have a small domestic project or a large commercial one, we have the right skip size for you.
How does Towens ensure responsible waste disposal? Waste from our skips is transported to our Transfer Station for processing. We recycle materials like hardcore, soil, and plasterboard, and sort other wastes for recycling or energy production. Non-recyclable materials are responsibly transported to landfill sites.
What additional services does Towens offer with skip hire? Towens offers additional services such as competitive pricing, experienced drivers, wait & load options, and out-of-hours availability to accommodate different customer needs.